wordpress hotel web design

Realization of wordpress hotel web design for accommodation, hotel, wellness, agritourism, bed and breakfast, resort…

Specialized in the tourist market, Web Engine Design creates webd esign template suitable to hotel and accommodation for its website. The first target of every hotel keeper is to realize a new web site that bring higher visibility to his hotel or accommodation, resort, agritourism, wellnesshotel and that increase and improve the indexing of the webpages, and the booking online requests from the website. Web Engine Design with his team of professionals and thanks to the affidability and experience of about 10 years, can to develope online 35 different websites for hotels and accommodation.

Create a professional website with WordPress is to have a step ahead of others. This is because the dynamics and function in the world of internet and the web are in first place.

In addition, through a simple control panel, you can manage all the features of the website for your hotel, hotel, spa and wellness, spa, restaurant …….

Control every part of the website, even more so that we develop themes ideal for hotel, studying colors, lenses, logos, graphics and targeted audience. Very important is also the management of tenders in dynamic within a hotel website: offers, packages, last minute, they must be updated as news on web pages. In this way users will always find something “cool” that will attract them to your hotel.

Functions wordpress hotel web design

  • Inserting custom logo
  • Template customized for the hotel
  • Managing SEO and indexing targeted Google and other search engines
  • Careful study of the keywords
  • Study offers, last minute deals, packages and news always in evidence
  • insert favicon
  • Possibility to insert pictures, video in any position and size
  • Complete management in any part of the world you are, anytime
  • In the sidebar you can enter and update continuously widget customized according to your needs
  • Website fully translated in different languages
  • Possibility to insert weather, facebook, instagram and all social networks
  • Possibility to insert Adsense
  • Custom contact form infinite translated into
  • Possibility of incorporating our booking engine software for online booking of rooms with the possibility of paying with credit cards and paypal account for safe and secure
  • Professional hotel web design

Build a professional website for hotels and accommodation with the aim of obtaining the maximum visibility in Google and all major search engines both nationally and internationally throughout Europe and emerging countries in Eastern Europe.

Update in real time all the items and offerings for a given web-connected to all services offered by the Wellness hotel is absolutely become a requirement mainly determined by connecting these new web pages to a given topic specific and seasonal events, this means that those who search for Christmas and New Year for a week’s skiing is implicit that does not put the same same key words “keywords” instead of looking for a accommodation for their next summer vacation in mid-August.