What is Google Hotel Finder

What is Google Hotel Finder: tool to search hotel in Google

Google Hotel Finder is a tool still little known in Italy, but much used abroad to select a hotel, which is three or four star bed & breakfast rather than residence, for your holiday in Italy or in other foreign countries as in Eastern Europe, Ukraine, Russia, Bulgaria, but also in America, Asia, China … to Australia, partly because Google is now known that it has become known all over the world. So find your hotel for tourism in Ukraine Russia, China … it will be even easier!

This tool is really convenient for travelers and tourists who do the research, both for hoteliers who prefer a higher visibility in the web pages of Google.

Using Google Hotel Finder, you can find hotels based on the aspects most important to you, then by filtering your search by location, price, assessments of the various users in the world. Every hotel should have stated in its page of Google, all the necessary information to tourists. In addition, there is also a map (thanks to the Google Maps tool), which instead allows you to trace your route as well.

The convenience of Google Hotel Finder: once you have chosen the hotel, the tourist must necessarily click on the link to your website (to attract even more customers then you have to have a nice website, attention to detail!) And can book directly from your site. They can send an e-mail to your e-mail address or fill out the form to request information / availability.

But the Web Engine Design also offers you the Booking Online, to be included in the web pages of your site: an instrument through which the tourist, without having to send e-mail to request a deposit etc, makes the payment directly from the website, in the utmost safety and reliability.

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