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Get first position on search engine like Google, Yahoo!…

How to Get first position on search engine? This is the typical answer that we all places since he was born Google.

To appear in the top positions of the search engines you must first have a domain “elder”, without which no SEO professional can challenge the most popular search engine in the world. This is the first, the one true reason why the domains are always in the first positions in SERP of Google. All the work that is being done within this domain is important, yes, but certainly not crucial to the achievement of the result. Ok: the keywords are important, place the HTML code, the so-called META TAG, ALT, TITLE TAG and especially the links both incoming and outgoing, but these are also very small in relation to the “old” domain of our web properties, this is the real and only secret. There are guidelines that Google provides, but they are certainly not the key to the success of a particular website, and in any case we believe that to be successful with their customers do not have to be necessarily in the first position of Google. Over time Google has improved a lot their algorithms by giving a lot of relevance and importance to the behavior of users, the time that a user remains in a web page, Google Tools and install all the statistical tools necessary to correct errors reported by the Googlebot or crawler. We believe that there should be the basis of professional ethics and professionalism combined to achieve certain results definitely need determination, perseverance and passion in this industry so competitive.

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