Advertisement campaign to increase the Ranking on search engines

It’s clear at all that the Website Positioning on Google but also in other search engines, it so important for the visibility, above all the tourism sector, both it’s an hotel in Italy both it’s an accommodation in Scottland or in Dubai Emirates or in United States. Don’t change!

To be able to enter in the first ranking and in the top ten positions on SERP index of Google is so difficult, Website Positioning: the Strategies to increase the Ranking, above all if about SEO, internet, Web World, don’t know something… Nobody is able to guarantee certain positions with the Google’s algorithm because that is composed of hundreds of factors, all connected between them, and then, to obtain immediate results, the only thing possible is the inclusion of its website in advertising campaigns pay per click in AdWords to pay: the only way in a matter of a few minutes will automatically be entered even your website through a link created between the account and your credit card.

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Website Positioning

Strategies to increase the Ranking

Means to improve also the booking requests 

With Web Engine Design it’s possible! 


The factors that affect to Website Positioning

Inbound and outbound links

number of unique domains that link to the website, with importance for both those at the input and the output data


Pagerank Value

is a factor in the popularity of the domain calculated according to the set of incoming links and outgoing


Keywords Presence

fundamental importance the amount of keywords associated with the site and the presence in the text



Important to the “freshness” of the website, images and text, articles and pages