SEO  e SEM for hotel – Online advertising by Adwords

Google AdWords give the important possibility to Online advertising making an advertisement campaign in Google and other search engines, in way to achieve a wide public. You can decide to target a public in Italy or in Scottland, in Dubai and Emirates, in the United States, in Russian state or in China… where you want!

The purpose of a Online advertising by Adwords Google is to achieve and attract may customers as possible, that then click on your page’s website of you hotel or accommodation and, however, they could send a booking request through the contact form or an easy email. Or they confirm the room o the suite in your hotel with the booking software, if you have it in your website. For an Online advertising by Adwords Google, we help you to value all the keywords and queries so much relevant for only one result:

increase the booking requests by the website for your accommodation

The organic positioning in Google

Besides the Online advertising by Adwords Google, we are professional expert team about organic positioning in search engines in Internet, not only in Google! However exists the possibility to positioning own website and hotel and accommodation in the first positions in Google thanks to a good job about text, SEO, web marketing, web design and photos insert:

indexing – optimization – SEO: best keywords that describe Web Engine Design since 10 years ago


  • How make to be visible in the first position in Google with my website?
  • How do I get high search engine visibility?
  • What could my website contain?
  • What website features do I need?
  • How make to increase the booking requests in my hotel from website?
  • Why my website doesn’t exist in Google and other search engines?
  • How can I report the website to Google?
  • Can I accellerate the indexing and positioning of my website?

Who among us has never asked these questions at least once after the birth of the most popular search engine in the world?

We are absolutely convinced that the success of own agency isn’t related only to the first position in Google and other search engines, but it isn’t the only reason of you success in Internet: another way to increase and improve the customers is a strategy of medium and long period, above all it’s about visibility of a website in Internet, because report a indexing and optimization activity of a webpage in a short period, is absolutely credible and so bit professional.

What are the services of Web Engine Design?

  • achievement of the business objectives of the website
  • substantial increase of booking requests
  • advertising in the internet at low cost
  • increase the visibility of your website
  • Double website – belonging to the network of the Dream’s Land – to increase your visibility
  • study of the public to whom you want to target
  • creating dynamic website development with PHP, CSS, WordPress HMTL5 in web 2.0, with management for the offers, last minute deals, packages and news
  • creation of the App for all iOS devices approved by Apple
  • banner advertising in more than 5,000 pages in web portals tourist’s Dream Land Network Engine and Web Design
  • Optimization and indexing of all your website
  • strict cost control in ad campaign Adwords PPC Pay per Click
  • system software booking engine to book the room directly online by the tourist, who can pay with paypal account or credit card