The positioning in Google to search hotel and accommodation

Advertising campaigns in our travel and touristic portals and websites with links to your hotel’s website

The positioning in Google to search hotel and accommodation for your travel… this is become an absolutely need get in the search engines like Google, Yahoo!, because this thing result strategically and so important to increase and improve own booking requests for the hotel.

This is possibile like our web agency for web design and web marketing “Web Engine Design” and “Dream’s Land” born some years ago, in the first years of 2000. However, the “big bang” of our societies were planned with a lot of attention about corporate strategies that pointed to that purpose: the reduction of business costs in mind that our decisions would bring benefits for our customers in the future, and this is what eventually came true, SEO or Search Engine Optimization is to optimize your hotel’s website to the top positions in search engines.

The positioning in Google to search hotel and accommodation

We were able to “anticipate” certain events, which releate to Google and the organic ranking in the search engines, which are then presented on time and this is due not only to our intuition, but above all determined by our past experiences in other sectors of information technology. We believe that crises are “cyclical and repetitive”, occurred before in the 90s and who are punctually confirmed in the last 5 years in the specific field of web marketing.

The corporate strategies can take different ways starting path more or less difficult, our choice was been the most difficult because we wanted to know the mechanism of the indexing in the search engines on our skin and not rely on websites of our affiliated clients.


Now we realize the websites for our clients that they have a website not visible in the search engine SEO Search Engine for Hotels:

1. pay per click e payment links like Google adwords that in the latest years are increase by 200%

2. insert in our touristic portals based on a lot of touristic cities with costs get crazy without actual evidence

3. booking on-line for the booking request external to the hotel’s website and with high commissions

4. tour operator on-line that require high commissions

5. tourists who pay the same booking agencies and tour operators and not directly to the hotel


Our experience in web search engines for SEO for hotels and accommodation gives us a great knowledge of the requirements of your hotel or wellnesshotel for an optimal search engine indexing of your website in Google and other search engines. For the hotel keeper, hotel and wellness hotel in London and other cities, that wish to disengage the commision to other agencies decreasing the costs and improve the visibility of own website directly in the search engines that make to use to our experience in this world, we’ll analyze with you the situation propose solutions not expensive and so much advantageous take always the objective the “direct booking requests”.